What is Hemp Seed Oil?

We’re so glad you want to know. 

We only use hemp seed oil that is:

  • 100% Tasmanian
  • Fresh
  • Cold-pressed

Our oil is pressed, without using heat, from the seeds of the hemp plant. It’s non-toxic, non-hallucinogenic and packed with nutrition. It’s safe for everyone to use.

Tasmania has the best conditions in the world for hemp cultivation. Those conditions look like this:

The entire state is a GMO-free zone.

Tasmania is half the size of England but with less than 10% of the population. (Tasmanians are naturally talented at social distancing.)

Tasmania has a cool climate, long daylight hours and the cleanest water and air in the world.

Our processing plants are near the hemp fields, so the seeds are cleaned and cold-pressed within hours of being harvested. 

We are using the freshest, richest, cold-pressed oil from the best growing region in the world.

Cold-pressed hemp seed oil has many natural, beneficial properties for skin health:

  • Anti-inflammatory and moisturising (omega 3, 6, 9 and gamma linolenic acid)
  • Regulating sebum (linoleic acid)
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Stimulating collagen (vitamins B1, B2, D and E)

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