The Brand-Born in Melbourne

Born in Melbourne and inspired by the Bayside lifestyle, botanical science and contemporary design, Bathing Shed makes you feel as relaxed and carefree as a beachside escape from the city. 

The design of our packaging alludes to the iconic bathing sheds. Red and navy touches refer to the comfortably ageing paint on the planks. Our logo is inspired by industrial and council signs. 
Combining innovation, the highest quality Australian ingredients and globally compliant Japanese manufacturing, our product range will include skin, body and personal care products enriched with fresh, cold-pressed Tasmanian hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is naturally free of THC, non-toxic and non-psychoactive and is safe for everyone to use.


In our aim to create the highest-quality personal care products, we do not use potentially harming, unnecessary ingredients. All Bathing Shed products exceed the ingredient standards in Australia, Japan, the EU, the US and Hong Kong. We do not use any ingredients that are banned in any of those places or treated as under significant review. 

We are vegan-friendly. Our products are not tested on animals.

Learn more about our hemp seed oil that is: 100% Tasmanian, fresh, and cold-pressed here.

Sustainability-Palm oil free

We do not use any palm oil. 

Bathing Shed donates a share of its revenue to Clean Up Australia for beach clean ups. Pip Kiernan, Chairman of Clean Up Australia, said ‘We’re encouraging Australians to make a difference every day. We are glad to work with Bathing Shed to keep our beautiful beaches clean for everyone.’ 

As Australians would expect of us, Bathing Shed is also a carbon neutral brand, supporting the Mount Sandy Conservation project with carbon offsets. 
The Mount Sandy project is 200 hectares of native vegetation near the Coorong National Park in South Australia. It is managed using traditional indigenous conservation methods. Mount Sandy is home to coastal shrubs, saline wetlands and native fauna including the short-beaked echidna and the elegant parrot.

Beaches Cleaned So Far


Kgs of Garbage Removed

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