Life by the Bay

  • Stand-up Paddleboarding in the Peninsula

    Did you know that the fastest-growing board sport has historical roots dating back to the 16th century? Paddleboarding has been used by cultures across the world to help get from one place to another across the water. And while it’s previously been overshadowed by the more popular surfboard, paddleboarding is an accessible and fun sport that’s gaining attention amongst beach dwellers.
  • Advice From an Expat in Melbourne

    Melbourne is known as a melting pot of people, cuisines and cultures. From early settlers to new immigrants, the multi-cultural buzz is what makes this city so unique. To get a taste of what the Melbourne life is like for an expat, we spoke to Nana Yokomatsu. Born in Japan, Nana now calls Melbourne her home.
  • A Day in the Life of A Melburnian Baysider

    From the best restaurants in town to amazing hidden gems, we thought we’d ask one bayside local what a day in the bay is really like. For this installment, we spoke with the talented Elizabeth Maidment, a freelance food writer and content creator who lives in the tranquil south-eastern suburb of Brighton. Read on for some hot tips and discover a day in the life of a Melburnian bayside-goer.
  • Christmas In Australia

    As Australia is such a multicultural country, some families may practise traditions on Christmas Eve, while others wait until Christmas day to share gifts. Whatever it is, the main focus is always fun, joy and frivolity. Here are some ways to incorporate some classic Australian traditions into your Christmas season. 
  • The Food & Wine of Port Phillip Bay

    From farmers markets to luxe wineries, here’s a taste of what Phillip Bay has to offer

    Port Phillip Bay is a must-do destination for foodies in Australia. From the cosmopolitan restaurants of Melbourne to the stunning wineries of the Mornington Peninsula, the southerly state has it all.

  • Day Tripping: The Mornington Peninsula

    Escape the city for a slice of bayside beauty

    An hour’s drive away from the bustling, cosmopolitan jungle of Melbourne lies a coastal paradise. A summer playground for Victorians and tourists alike, the seaside towns are quaint, charming and there’s a never-ending list of sights to see. 

  • What does it mean to be a Victorian?

    The Melburnian View On Life

    Victoria is a state like no other with its unique charms and quirks. With the capital, Melbourne, being crowned the world’s most liveable city a whopping ten times, we thought we’d share some of the things that make up this beautiful city and state. 

  • Walking Tracks by the Bay

    Get out in nature and enjoy the tranquility of bayside walking trails. 

    While driving down the coast or lounging on the sand is a great way to spend a summer’s day, sometimes you want to explore the stunning Melbourne coastline on foot. We’ve collated some of the most picturesque walking trails for your next day off or trip to the bay area. 

  • The Flora and Fauna Around the Port Phillip Bay Area

    When wandering around the stunning Port Philip Bay area, you’ll find a cornucopia of diverse flora and fauna. Despite the densely populated city of Melbourne being so close, the environment is full of natural wonders.

    From coastal mangroves to greenery amongst the sand, Port Phillip Bay is a place to enjoy the beauty of the Australian backyard. 

  • The Beaches in Port Phillip Bay

    From day trips to holidays, here are a few of our favourite bayside beaches. 

    As Melburnians emerge from some of the toughest COVID lockdowns in the world, it’s time to open up the windows, let the spring sunshine in, and get out into nature. 

    Considering it’s forecast to be the ‘Summer of the Picnic’, what better way to enjoy the company of friends and family than a beachside gathering?

  • The Story Behind Bathing Shed

    Inspired by the laidback lifestyle of the Melbourne bay, Bathing Shed aims to make you feel as relaxed and carefree as a beachside escape from the city. 

    A taste of life on the Melbourne bay, no matter where you live.