What’s Ag+ Silver?

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Say hi to our latest Bathing Shed ingredient

Our latest release, Soft Hands No 1 contains the powerful Ag+ water. It’s full of benefits, so let’s break down what this scientific super silver really is. 

Ag+ water is silver ion water. Silver ions usually help prevent bacteria build up and algae. Because of this, the water is often used in filters and water purification systems to ensure no one gets sick or contaminated.

In centuries past, before antibiotics and refrigeration, silver was used to fight infections and prevent food spoilage. It’s naturally antibacterial and is known for its curative properties. 

Nowadays, Ag+ nanoparticles have been incorporated into sprays, soaps, socks, and a wide range of fabrics (when used with moisture). 

When it comes to Soft Hands No 1 however, Ag+ is used to improve the antibacterial and antiviral properties of your skin. 

It’s a paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free ingredient to protect your skin even further. Especially during these times where we’re more aware of dirt, grime and nasty bacteria.

By using very small doses of this natural sanitiser, your hands will be protected, soft and clean. 

So why not enjoy both of the benefits of moisturised skin with our Tasmanian hemp seed oil and the extra cleanliness of Ag+ silver with Soft Hands No 1. Launching only at Bathing Shed on X of May. 

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