What does it mean to be a Victorian?

 Bathing Box, Victoria, Australia. What does it means to be a Victorian?

The Melburnian View On Life 

Bringing a jacket even in the middle of summer, meeting a friend ‘under the clocks’, jumping on a packed tram to get to the top of the city or escaping the big smoke to head to the coast for the summer. These are just a couple of the experiences that make Victorians, well... Victorians.

Victoria is a state like no other with its unique charms and quirks. With the capital, Melbourne, being crowned the world’s most liveable city a whopping ten times, we thought we’d share some of the things that make up this beautiful city and state. 

Four Seasons In One Day 

First and foremost of course, has to be the weather. With wind and horizontal rain in the morning to a sweltering fourty degrees by the afternoon, you can never be too prepared when it comes to weather-appropriate attire. 

Umbrellas are as common in Victoria as hats are in the Sunshine State and a jacket is always needed otherwise you could be caught out at a tram stop, shivering and cursing yourself that you “thought you’d be fine”.

Hot tip if you’re visiting the southerly state; always remember layers because in the famous words of Crowded House, “The temperature could drop away... like four seasons in one day”.

Cafe Obsessed 

If you’ve ever met a Melburnian then you’d know we’re incredibly passionate about our coffee. With an artisanal cafe on every corner and barista champions scattered across the city, we take our brews very seriously. 

Once you’ve tasted a sip of single origin speciality coffee you’ll never go back. Head to St. ALi, near South Melbourne markets for a classic Melbourne cup and Terror Twilight in Collingwood for a taste of the Northside.

Culture Vulture 

You can find culture without even trying all across the city. From world-class graffiti artists in Hosier Lane to the National Gallery of Victoria, it’s easy to find art and culture to enjoy all year ‘round. Right next to the NGV sits the Arts Centre where you can watch live music and theatre.

With free galleries and famous paid exhibitions, soak up the culture that put Melbourne on the map (and the most liveable city list) before heading further into the city for dinner. 

Eat Your Heart Out 

We couldn’t make a ‘how to be Victorian’ list without mentioning the stellar cuisine. Thanks to Melbourne’s multicultural history, there’s an abundance of food to try. Fun fact: If you ate out for three meals a day, all year long, you still wouldn’t try all of the restaurants Melbourne has to offer. For authentic Italian cuisine hit up the famous Lygon Street and for a taste of Vietnam head to Victoria Street in Richmond. Of course, Melbourne is also known for its luxe, five-star restaurants so wander down to Attica or Vue De Monde for a luxurious dinner. 

Best of Both Worlds 

While some cities around the world like London and Berlin have brilliant food, culture and coffee not all of them also have a slice of the bayside lifestyle. The coastal suburbs of Port Melbourne, St Kilda and Brighton all have their unique charms and create a perfect balance of city versus beach lifestyle. Head to Sandringham or Brighton for gorgeous boutiques and restaurants and St Kilda for Luna Park and fish and chips on the sand and enjoy what all that this beautiful city has to offer. 


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