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Here at Bathing Shed we’re all about making your everyday shower routine feel luxurious and soothing. Sometimes you just need a little bit more TLC though and what better way to practice self-care and get some alone time than a trip to the spa? Melbourne is brimming with relaxing day spas and we’ve rounded up our top 5 favourite spa locations around the stunning bayside area. Get those slippers and cucumber slices ready!


Skin Day Spa - St Kilda 

Located on the bustling Chapel street, Skin Day Spa is an oasis from the busy city. With a number of services on offer, the southside spa focuses on facials, IPL procedures as well as massages. With deep, relaxing massages ranging from 45 minutes to an hour, you’ll be feeling rejuvenated, revived and ready to take on the week. Our top pick? The ‘Super Hydrating Spa Escape’ facial to smooth and re-energise your skin.


Saltair Spa - Torquay & Lorne 

Head down to the Great Ocean Road for a day trip and experience the coastal Saltair spa. Situated in both Torquay and Lorne, this spa has won a number of industry awards and boasts a full menu of services. You can choose from beauty, massage and facial treatments or purchase a Spa Package such as the ‘Pamper Package’ or the ‘Deep Relaxation Package’. Whatever you choose, Saltair will help you indulge. 


Marlo Spa - Sorrento 

With a focus on the holistic practice of Ayurvedic medicine, Marlo Spa is located in the beachside town of Sorrento. The spa features treatments such as hydrotherapy, massage, facial care and ayurvedic practices. This includes heat massages for strength and a sit down with a counsellor to holistically look at your whole lifestyle and find solutions to problems such as poor sleep and energy levels. This spa goes beyond just a clay facial and recognises the many aspects of life that make up your wellness.


Endota Spa - Brighton

Dotted around the bayside, Endota spa is an easy escape into peace and tranquility. The Brighton spa is located on the esplanade and has a number of services like the lunch-time 30 minute quick facial or the more relaxing 'Deep Recovery' massage. A therapist will give you a consultation to discover what your skin or body needs to ensure that you get the most out of your precious self-care time.  


Botanica - City 

While not exactly in the bayside, this city location is a great option if you find yourself needing a facial or alone time after running errands in the CBD. With specialised services like the 'Deep Hot Stone' massage and the 'Muscle Melt Relaxation' massage, the mother-daughter duo behind Botanica will make sure you’re taken care of. Try Botanica out before heading back to the luxe lifestyle of the bayside.

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