The Story Behind Bathing Shed

Red, White and Blue Bathing Box in Brighton, Victoria, Australia


It’s summertime in Melbourne. After a wander around the NGV’s latest exhibition and an alfresco Aperol Spritz by the Yarra, you head down to the bay to enjoy a balmy afternoon. 

A warm breeze dances on your skin and there’s not a cloud to be seen as you dig your bare feet into the soft sand of the shoreline.  

As you walk along the picturesque coastline, sandals in hand, you spot the famous bathing sheds in the distance and know you’ve arrived.  

You’re away from the bustling city full of work meetings, packed espresso bars, and trams dinging along Bourke Street. From Port Melbourne to Brighton, the bay is an escape to the simple life of nature and relaxation. 

Inspired by the laidback lifestyle of the Melbourne bay, Bathing Shed aims to make you feel as relaxed and carefree as a beachside escape from the city. 


So, why the name Bathing Shed?

Melbourne’s bathing sheds (or bathing boxes, depending on who you talk to) are an institution and iconic part of our city’s history. Built over a century ago, the colourful, wooden boxes were used to give women of yesteryear some modesty whilst getting into beachwear. 

Although the women would’ve been wearing neck-to-knee bathing suits, the council was concerned about the lack of morality if the ladies of society had to get dressed on the beach. What a scandal.

While these 19th-century boxes, with their iron roofs and wooden walls, were built for privacy, the bathing sheds now brighten up our already beautiful coastline.  

Being such a gem of Australian history, the sheds are usually passed down through the generations. When a precious bathing shed finally does get on the market, you must live in the picturesque bayside area to purchase one.

You can find beach-goers (who are lucky enough to own a slice of the bayside lifestyle) enjoying summers under the shade of a candy-striped umbrella, sipping on cold drinks fresh from the esky all while watching the sun set on another day in Melbourne.


So, welcome to Bathing Shed. 

A taste of life on the Melbourne bay, no matter where you live. 


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