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Donate to coastal families in need

While we’ve shared many amazing destinations and recommendations on the Bathing Shed blogs, one thing that’s always important to highlight is community.

And nothing says community much more than a local initiative. ‘Peninsula Reads’ is a project on the Mornington Peninsula where the local community aims to improve the literacy skills of families in the area.

There are many resources and organisations helping out but one project that tourists and locals can assist with is the Peninsula Book Boxes.

Dotted along the stunning Victorian coastline sits 33 free book boxes.

These books are places where locals can get lost in stories and learn something new. They are donated by organisations (or generous people like yourself) and then families and children are able to take a book and either keep it or return it.

Books for young children are always needed and can truly enrich their lives. If you’ve had a clear out during COVID or have children no longer needing their books, consider donating to families in need.

Stretching from Frankston down to Rye there are evenly distributed boxes all over the Peninsula so no matter where your trip is taking you, you can stop off and give back to the community.

To find where the nearest book box to you is, head to this handy map.


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