Life by the Bay

  • So You Want to Beach Camp on the Peninsula?

    So You Want to Beach Camp on the Peninsula?
    Get outside and spend a night under the stars

    While a trip to a cosy cabin or a stay at the Peninsula Hot Springs is a luxurious getaway, sometimes there’s nothing better than packing the car and spending a trip solely in nature.

    With Australia’s natural beauty it’s not hard to find an abundance of camping sites across Victoria. If you’re looking to head down the coast to the Mornington Peninsula then read on for the best spots and tips and tricks for camping down by the beach. 

  • Stand-up Paddleboarding in the Peninsula

    Did you know that the fastest-growing board sport has historical roots dating back to the 16th century? Paddleboarding has been used by cultures across the world to help get from one place to another across the water. And while it’s previously been overshadowed by the more popular surfboard, paddleboarding is an accessible and fun sport that’s gaining attention amongst beach dwellers.
  • Day Tripping: The Mornington Peninsula

    Escape the city for a slice of bayside beauty

    An hour’s drive away from the bustling, cosmopolitan jungle of Melbourne lies a coastal paradise. A summer playground for Victorians and tourists alike, the seaside towns are quaint, charming and there’s a never-ending list of sights to see.