Stand-up Paddleboarding in the Peninsula

Stand-up Paddleboarding in the Peninsula - Bathing Shed or Bathing Boxes in Brighton Victoria, Australia

Try your hand (or paddle) at the latest sporting craze

Did you know that the fastest-growing board sport has historical roots dating back to the 16th century? Paddleboarding has been used by cultures across the world to help get from one place to another across the water. And while it’s previously been overshadowed by the more popular surfboard, paddleboarding is an accessible and fun sport that’s gaining attention amongst beach dwellers.

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a subclass of paddleboarding and is an activity where, as the name suggests, participants stand on the board. They then use a paddle to wade through the water rather than laying on their fronts and using their arms to paddle out as you do when surfing.

One place that’s at the forefront of the SUP boom is the Mornington Peninsula on Victoria’s coast. Due to its geography, the peninsula is the perfect place to try this sport out as the ocean bay contains flat waters rather than the waves you’ll find in places like Torquay or Aireys Inlet.

Most paddleboards range between 3 to 6 metres in length, are 50 centimetres wide and weigh around 9 to 18 kilograms meaning there’s a suitable board for every member of the family.

Some may say the appeal of stand-up paddleboarding lies in its accessibility. While surfing takes many lessons to master and has more risks involved with being in amongst the waves, stand-up paddleboarding means you can calmly see the peninsula from a different perspective rather than focusing on catching waves. This is a reason why it’s a popular choice amongst veteran surfers who don’t want to lose their access to ocean sports due to mobility issues.

There are many companies offering workshops, lessons and fitness groups for locals and tourists alike including Peninsula Paddle Co, Bay Play and Sup-Fit where the teachers have accreditations from Surfing Australia.

Through stand-up paddleboarding you can explore the crystal clear waters and marine life of the bay in a new way. Whether you’re a complete rookie or have been doing water sports for years, this balance-focused activity is sure to be a day to remember while spending time on the Peninsula.

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