So You Want to Beach Camp on the Peninsula?

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Get outside and spend a night under the stars

While a trip to a cosy cabin or a stay at the Peninsula Hot Springs is a luxurious getaway, sometimes there’s nothing better than packing the car and spending a trip solely in nature.

With Australia’s natural beauty it’s not hard to find an abundance of camping sites across Victoria. If you’re looking to head down the coast to the Mornington Peninsula then read on for the best spots and tips and tricks for camping down by the beach. 


Best of Both Worlds 

Being so close to the capital city, the Mornington Peninsula isn’t exactly a remote place to holiday. This means that you can enjoy the serenity of nature while also being close to shops, wineries and cafes (if you’re tired of camp food, that is).

But otherwise, there are a number of campsites to put up a tent as well as stunning walking trails and national parks. 


Have the Ocean on your Doorstep 

Unlike other coastal towns, the Peninsula actually lets you camp right by the beach. Their more laid back rules means you can spend a day swimming in the sea, reading a book or sleeping to the sound of the waves crashing. A slice of paradise. 


Where Exactly is This? 

So there are three main sites managed by the Mornington shire. The most popular being Rosebud which has 812 spaces and stretches along 10kms of sand and sea before reaching the village of McCrae.

The next most spacious is Rye with 174 camping spots, white sand and sparkling water followed by the town of Sorrento where the beach has 147 tent sites.

Each comes with amenities including toilet blocks, hot showers, public barbeques to cook up a storm and boat ramps if you wanted to head out on the water.

With big shady trees to cool down under and towns close by, the Mornington Peninsula beach camping is an ultimate summer holiday. 


How do I Book a Spot? 

Being located in such a stunning location, you do have to book in advance and pay a fee.

During the off season, rates for a night start at $26 AUD for non-powered sites and $40AUD for a powered site. If you want to travel during the school holiday summer season then non-powered sites begin at $41 AUD per night and powered spots from $50 AUD.

To ensure you get prime beach camping sites you can book online here or call the Foreshore Camping Office on 03 5950 1011.

Happy camping!


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