Introducing Clean Hands No 1 + Soft Hands No 1

Bathing Sheds or Bathing Boxes, Brighton, Victoria, Australia.

Our two new products set to change the way you wash

After kicking off Bathing Shed with our invigorating Fresh Start Soap Bar, we thought it was time to up the ante. 

Launching two products at once, Bathing Shed’s latest bathroom essentials will have you feeling soft, clean and luxuriously hydrated. 


Clean Hands No 1 - Nourishing Cleanliness

First up is Clean Hands No 1. It’s a refreshing gel cleanser that leaves your hands feeling nourished (especially needed after all of the extra hand washing we’re doing at the moment). 

Featuring Australian sea salt, Clean Hands No 1 gently exfoliates your skin while making sure you feel hydrated and refreshed. 


Soft Hands No 1 - Your Go-To For Hand Hydration

To complement the latest Bathing Shed hand wash, we’re also launching Soft Hands No 1. 

This product is a lightweight gel moisturiser that nourishes your hands all year ‘round. It’s formulated for rapid absorption which is also needed as harsh alcohol sanitiser and more frequent hand washing can dry out our delicate skin. 

Soft Hands No 1 also features the ingredient Ag+, a safe form of silver ion that improves the antibacterial and antiviral properties of your skin.

This paraben and phenoxyethanol-free ingredient protects our hands from nasty grime, dirt and bacteria. 

Together, these two new Bathing Shed products will add pure Australian ingredients, quality and care into your cleansing and self-care routine. 

We hope you love them just as much as we do. 


Pre-order Clean Hands No 1 and Soft Hands No 1 Coming soon.


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