Earth Month, How Bathing Shed Is Making A Difference

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From cleaning the beaches to being cruelty-free, here’s how we’re being the change. 

Here at Bathing Shed, we believe that every month should be Earth Month. Looking after our environment is at the core of everything we do.

From supporting local initiatives to using high-quality products, read on to discover how your Bathing Shed products are helping the planet. 


Palm Oil-Free

At Bathing Shed we don’t use palm oil products. Palm oil is a form of vegetable oil that is found in - you guessed it - palm trees. While you may think that harvesting something from a plant rather than the ground is healthier, the palm oil industry has a dark reputation. 

According to the World Wild Fund for Nature, palm oil is found in up to 50% of the products we consume. From doughnuts to deodorant, it’s common to find the oil in almost everything. 

So what’s the issue? 

Palm oil is the main driving force behind deforestation which destroys the habitats of orangutans, elephants and rhinos. Extracting the oil is also contributing to climate change by putting millions of tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. 

That’s why, we make sure to not put any palm oil in your Bathing Shed soaps. Instead, we use hemp seed oil, a non-toxic moisturising extract that’s safe for many skin types. 


Vegan Friendly

Because we care about our fellow animals, Bathing Shed products are cruelty-free. We don’t test on animals and definitely don’t use products made from their by-products either. Only ingredients that are good for your skin and the animal kingdom by utilising the benefits of plants. 


Lose the Litter

As you know, we’re passionate about the beach and the bayside. Whether it’s us picking up rubbish while walking along the coast or taking part in the Clean Up Australia program, we make sure to keep our beaches tidy. 

At Bathing Shed, we donate a share of revenues to Clean Up Australia to help support their beach clean ups. Pip Kiernan, Chairman of Clean Up Australia, said, ‘We’re encouraging Australians to make a difference every day. We are glad to work with Bathing Shed to keep our beautiful beaches clean for everyone.’ 


Supporting Carbon Neutrality 

It’s becoming more important everyday for brands and governments to commit to carbon neutrality. Here at Bathing Shed, we’re a carbon neutral brand and support the Mount Sandy Conservation project with carbon offsets. 

200 hectares of native vegetation near the Coorong National Park in South Australia, the Mount Sandy project aims to conserve the land through Indigenous conservation methods. This means that you’re helping the local Australian environment with every wash. 

These are just a handful of ways that Bathing Shed is committing to be an environmentally friendly brand. We want you to feel good and know that you’re doing good for the planet.


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