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Christmas in Australia, Bathing Sheds & bathing boxes, Victoria, Australia

Incorporate some Aussie traditions into your Christmas this year

As the northern hemisphere is rugging up, drinking hot chocolate and spending weeks in front of the fire, down under we do things a little bit differently. Welcome to Christmas, Australia style. 

As Australia is such a multicultural country, some families may practise traditions on Christmas Eve, while others wait until Christmas day to share gifts. Whatever it is, the main focus is always fun, joy and frivolity. Here are some ways to incorporate some classic Australian traditions into your Christmas season. 

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot
Being summertime, the country is usually sweltering through hot and humid days. Waking up to the beaming sunshine is a stark contrast to the snow and rain that may accompany other Christmases around the world. Whether it’s your first Christmas in Australia or your 32nd, enjoying the warm weather by heading to the beach, park or camping is a unique way to celebrate the holidays. All through the year Australia enjoys an outdoor lifestyle - but the holidays find highways full of cars packed with surfboards, dogs, and frisbees as friends and families enjoy the time off together. 

Let It Shine 
While we don’t have snow in December, we have adopted the Christmas tradition of enjoying the sparkling lights that go up every year. With some suburbs and streets holding competitions and raising money for charity, the tradition is a fun way to celebrate the holidays. Here are some options for Melburnians wanting to seek out the Christmas light festivities. 

Festive Fashion 
In Australia we do enjoy a dress up from time to time. It’s not uncommon to see Christmas-themed t-shirts (no knitted jumpers) on people from the first week of December. Thongs replace boots and long flowing dresses are the item of choice for many women on Christmas Day while swimmers and rash shirts get a special Christmas update each year as more people spend time on the beach. In 2020 there’s been a particular push to support small local businesses, so wearing something handmade and festive on the special day is a way to get into the spirit and support the local economy at the same time. 

Down Under Delicacies
Whether you’re on the beach or in the city, one thing everyone has in common on Christmas day is the food! As previously mentioned a lot of our food is adopted from other cultures, however we’ve begun to make our own traditions and here are some quintessential options you’ll find on the dining table on December 25th. 

Prawns - While some people love to “throw a shrimp on the barbie”, a staple for many families is a bowl of fresh, cold, pre-cooked prawns. You’ll find seafood fans lining up at the fishmongers in the early hours of Christmas Eve or Day to get their hands on the freshest prawns. Pair with some Thousand Island sauce and lemon for a classic taste. 

Fresh Fruit - Summertime means the fruit is abundant and ripe. With temperatures reaching above 30C in most parts of the country some fresh juicy cherries, watermelon and mango are a must-have on Christmas Day. 

Pavlova - To pair with the fresh fruit, a quintessential desert in Australia is the Pavlova. While strongly contested to be a New Zealand delicacy, Aussies have adopted the meringue and cream confection and it’s a perfectly sweet way to end a hot Christmas Day in Australia.

From delicious food and drinks to spending quality time with friends and family, Christmas and the holiday season are a unique and special time in Australian culture. While it’s been a tough year for many people, we hope that whatever your Christmas season entails you find joy and merriment. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the team at Bathing Shed. 

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