Advice From an Expat in Melbourne

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Melbourne is known as a melting pot of people, cuisines and cultures. From early settlers to new immigrants, the multi-cultural buzz is what makes this city so unique.

To get a taste of what the Melbourne life is like for an expat, we spoke to Nana Yokomatsu. Born in Japan, Nana now calls Melbourne her home and loves what this vibrant city has to offer. Read on for some recommendations from this bona fide Melburnian. 


Tell us about yourself - how long have you been living the Australian lifestyle for?

I am a sales assistant at a clothing company. I was born and raised in Japan and moved to Adelaide when I was 17 years old. I then moved to Melbourne for university and have been living in Australia for six years now. 


What do you enjoy the most about living in Victoria?

What I enjoy the most is that there are a bunch of nice brunch places everywhere in Victoria. I love trying new cafes on my day off with my best friend. We have lists of cafes that we are planning to go to! I Iove the people in Victoria, it’s so diverse.

Different cultures, food, and fashion; just walking around the city you can experience a lot of cultures and it’s so much fun. I meet people from all around the world every day just working in the city. 


Where are your favourite places to eat, drink, visit?

South Melbourne Market! I go there every week for my weekly grocery shopping. Just being there makes me happy because there’s lots of fresh food, the people are friendly and it has a nice vibe. 


As a skincare brand, we love all things beauty and luxury. What are your favourite beauty products?

My face has become especially sensitive with all the time I have been stuck indoors during the lockdown. My new favourite beauty product is rice exfoliants! This makes my skin more bright, soft to touch and refreshed. Because I love fresh-feeling products, the ‘Fresh Start’ Bar Soap by Bathing Shed is also so rejuvenating before a day spent in the city. 


What are your top 3 recommendations for people visiting Melbourne?

  • - South Melbourne Market - (Told you I’m a fan!) It’s not as touristy compared to Queen Victoria market. If you go there, try the best croissants in the world and fresh oysters. 

  • - Cafe - St ALi cafe has the best coffee and food in Melbourne. 

  • - The National Gallery of Victoria - A must visit when in Melbourne! They have really amped up their exhibitions. A great place to see and learn at leisure.

    What piece of advice would you give to any other expats thinking of moving to Australia?

    People think Australian weather is always nice, hot and sunny every day of the year but it’s not. Especially if you are coming to Melbourne make sure you bring an umbrella and sunscreen! Melbourne is known for having four seasons in one day.

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