A Day in the Life of A Melburnian Baysider

A Day in the Life of A Melburnian Baysider

From the best restaurants in town to amazing hidden gems, we thought we’d ask one bayside local what a day in the bay is really like. For this installment, we spoke with the talented Elizabeth Maidment, a freelance food writer and content creator who lives in the tranquil south-eastern suburb of Brighton. Read on for some hot tips and discover a day in the life of a Melburnian bayside-goer.


Tell us about yourself!

I’m a freelance food journalist and a social media manager. If you’re into food, you’ve probably seen my writing in
Broadsheet, The Urban List and Concrete Playground. I grew up in Sydney and then I moved to Melbourne four years ago for University. Essentially, my week-to-week involves checking out Melbourne’s best restaurants and bars - which made for an interesting time during COVID. When I am not out eating, I am completing my Masters degree in Digital Law, and hanging out with my eight year old labradoodle, Matilda.


What’s your favourite part about living in the bay?

Brighton feels like a little village. It’s nice having your regular coffee shops and catch-ups with neighbours, which is something that I felt I didn’t get with bigger suburbs. It has a really nice feel to it. Being outdoors and near the beach is lovely. And of course, I could talk your head off about the food and the drinks in bayside - we have some of the best hidden gems here. I love the little pockets of suburbs - whether you want the bustling nightlife, or somewhere with good schools, I feel like there is something for everyone in all stages of life.


What’s a day in your life like?

Everyday is different, as my freelance work is so varied, so I’ll tend to go for a walk up to Elwood Beach from Brighton Beach with my dog in the mornings, or hit the gym to get my endorphins kicking. Coffee is always an essential for me, so I usually try and swing past Lair Brighton before I have to head back to my desk at around 8.30/9am.

The mid-morning part of my day tends to be varied - it really just depends on the season. Some days will be article writing, and others will be a mixture of photoshoots on location, or at my home studio where I have been sent products. Otherwise, it’s back-to-back meetings with clients or collaborators for my Instagram, or simple life admin like taxes and emails.

At around 2pm, I usually pop up to Pantry, Hiro Sushi or Brighton Soul on Church Street for a hearty lunch. Church Street is one of the best places to window shop, and I make sure that I pop into Country Road, MECCA and Elka Collective on my way home if I grab anything for shoots, or events coming up on my calendar. I also try to schedule in a time to get my nails done every week as a self-care treat - Buff Nail Studios is absolutely luxurious.

For a cheeky drink on a Saturday night (or who am I kidding, a weekday) - I love Lair Brighton - which is a coffee hub during the day and then a dimly-lit bar in the evenings. You can even order from the Japanese restaurant next door while you sip your cocktails, which is an amazing idea for date night or for a catch up with friends. If I am up for an adventure you’ll find me at Franks in Cheltenham, Tokyo Tina in Prahran or Hanoi Hannah in Elsternwick for dinner on a “night off” from work. Otherwise, I’ll most likely be at a photography shoot or a launch event for a restaurant - which has excitedly just started back up again!


What are your favourite beauty products?

I’ve been using the Origins Checks and Balances cleanser for years - it’s foamy and great for sensitive skin, and it just works for me! I always follow up with face oil, I’ve recently started using Go-To Skincare which has been great so far and adds a nice glow to my skin before bed. If I need a deep cleanse I always mask it up. I love Glam Glow for detoxifying or the Glow Recipe Watermelon Mask for overnight hydration.

For the day time, I love using the ‘Fresh Start’ Soap Bar by Bathing Shed. It’s always so refreshing to use after a pilates class because it has a citrusy scent to it!
Other beauty things that I cannot live without...I always wear Gucci Bloom and Miss Dior as my signature fragrances on rotation throughout the year. My Maybelline ‘The Rocket Volume Mascara’ always travels with me, as well as my NARS concealer and foundation - another favourite that I have been using for years. I also can’t forget Lush’s Sleepy Balm, which I put on every night before bed to help me get a good rest.


What are your top 3 recommendations for people visiting the bay?

1. Head to the beach!
Some of the southside beaches like Aspendale and Mentone are great for families and for lounging around.

2. Rollerskate along St Kilda Beach
If you’re up for something adventurous, head to Rolla Bae in St Kilda where you can rent, or learn how to rollerskate! Plus, you can also pop into PaperFish for fish and chips after.

3. Don’t forget to hit up the vintage stores!
Being one of the pricier suburbs in Melbourne means that Brighton and the South has a great treasure trove in their vintage stores. Savers in Heatherton, Vinnies in Brighton and
Goodbyes in Prahran are great options if you’re looking to add flair to your wardrobe. 


What’s a place not many people know about?

That’s a hard one! My job is to uncover all the amazing hidden places that Melbourne has to offer, so I have some tricks up my sleeve. I think one of the most underrated places in Bayside has to be
Aromi. It’s a fine-dining Italian restaurant which is absolutely beautiful and is tucked away from the main shopping strips. They really know their stuff, and the food is always impeccable. They even have a customised gin and tonic list, which is well worth it if you’re a fan. I’ve been countless times, and it never fails to disappoint.

To see more of Elizabeth’s work check out her website and Instagram.


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