4 Benefits of Using Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

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Why Bathing Shed swears by it 

In years gone by, the hemp plant has gotten a bad rap. Previously only seen for its drug properties, thanks to the rise in technology and awareness around the positives of plant-based products, hemp seed is set to be the next wellness staple. 

But what is it? Here are just a handful of benefits from the clever cold-pressed hemp seed oil that we use in our rejuvenating soap.


What’s Cold-Pressed?

First of all, we have to clarify what cold-pressed oil actually means. Basically, if you ever see a product that claims to be cold-pressed it’s simply been processed differently. 

Usually, oils from seeds, nuts and plants can be extracted using high heat methods. Through using this heat, many of the nutrients can get melted away as the oil is extracted. While the oil is still considered to be nutritious, it’s not as full of nutrients as it once was. 


By cold-pressing seeds, nuts and plants, it means the extraction was done through a machine. The produce is compressed until the oil is released before it’s filtered and added to products. Through this method, the oil remains nutrient-dense and even has an increased antioxidant capacity. 


Of all plants, why hemp? 

Hemp seeds are packed full of helpful nutrients. From vitamin A, C and E to omega 3 and protein, this clever plant has it all. By utilising hemp seed and its oil, you can make sure your skin is receiving the best possible nutrition it can. 


What are the benefits? 

Naturally Antibacterial 

Thanks to its clever antibacterial properties, the humble hemp seed can prevent the activity of different types of bacteria. And after a day of using harmful chemicals on our skin, trying cold-pressed hemp seed oil can soothe while also naturally protecting you from any nasties. 


Acne Prevention

In the same vein, cold-pressed hemp seed oil is said to help in reducing acne. A 2014 study showed that hemp seed oil may be the new, universal way to naturally treat all sorts of acne. The bonus nutrients will also add a glow to your complexion as it fights off bacteria and acne.


Calms Psoriasis and Eczema 

A 20 week trial showed that incorporating hemp seed oil into your bathing routine can reduce the pain, itching and sometimes debilitating symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. Those who have suffered before know how irritating it can be so why not let some cooling and refreshing Tasmanian cold-pressed hemp seed oil reduce your symptoms? 


Magnificent Moisturising Properties

Able to be easily absorbed into the skin, cold-pressed hemp seed oil contributes to the skin’s barrier function which in turn prevents moisture loss. By locking in the nutrients and moisturising elements, your skin will be left feeling rejuvenated, soft and supple. 


From soft skin to reduced acne, hemp seed can do it all. To try out our refreshing soap made from the finest Tasmanian cold-pressed hemp seed oil, head over to Bathing Shed.



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