Life by the Bay

  • 【Media】The Finer Things In Travel

  • Introducing Clean Hands No 1 + Soft Hands No 1

    Introducing TWO brand new Bathing Shed products that will change your hand hydration routine. We can't wait for you to try them.

  • What’s Ag+ Silver?

    Known for its antibacterial properties, Ag+ Silver is the latest Bathing Shed ingredient making your hands both soft and clean. Learn more about this wonder ingredient featured in Soft Hands No 1, here.

  • Winter Escape

    The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting more chaotic. Yep, winter is definitely coming. Here are our top winter holiday destinations.

  • Earth Month, How Bathing Shed Is Making A Difference

    See how you can look after your skin and the planet with Bathing Shed.

  • Interstate Itinerary: Exploring Australia 

    If you're a Bathing Shed regular you'll know we love sharing our Victorian weekend getaways. But what if you're planning on hopping the border? We've put together an interstate itinerary exclusive to Bathing Shed. Find it at the link in our bio.

  • Top Spa Destinations of the Bayside

    At Bathing Shed we want to make your everyday shower routine luxurious and relaxing but where should you go when you need that extra dose of TLC? Read up on our curated top picks for spa destinations in the bayside.

  • 4 Benefits of Using Cold-Pressed Hemp Seed Oil

    Looking to clarify a few new words on the wellness scene? We break down what our Tasmanian cold-pressed hemp seed oil actually does.

  • Where To Go On Your Next Break Glorious Getaways

    After snap lockdowns and a summer spent slowly venturing out and about, Bathing Shed is here to inspire you to support tourism (and your mental health) and take that next getaway. 

  • The Peninsula Book Boxes

    While we’ve shared many amazing destinations and recommendations on the Bathing Shed blogs, one thing that’s always important to highlight is community.

    And nothing says community much more than a local initiative. ‘Peninsula Reads’ is a project on the Mornington Peninsula where the local community aims to improve the literacy skills of families in the area.

  • So You Want to Beach Camp on the Peninsula?

    So You Want to Beach Camp on the Peninsula?
    Get outside and spend a night under the stars

    While a trip to a cosy cabin or a stay at the Peninsula Hot Springs is a luxurious getaway, sometimes there’s nothing better than packing the car and spending a trip solely in nature.

    With Australia’s natural beauty it’s not hard to find an abundance of camping sites across Victoria. If you’re looking to head down the coast to the Mornington Peninsula then read on for the best spots and tips and tricks for camping down by the beach. 

  • Celebrating Love in the Bayside

    Let Us Sort Your Bayside Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s day is here once more and whether you're into it or not, we should be celebrating love more than ever after the stressful year many of us have had. From beach dates to the perfect romantic restaurant, here are our top Love Day date ideas in the Bayside.